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Quality is born from great teamwork

The Mission of IPS is to develop and integrate advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and effectivity of commercial and government entities. We rely on engineering and intellect to create products that continually exceed customer expectations. We don’t engineer things we don’t love. We do this by staffing a team of amazing people who go nameless each day. Our engineers rock, and they make the guys below look awesome everyday; but they have work to do – so if you would like to talk to someone, pick from below so our engineers can do what they do best, engineer.


Director, Advanced Systems

Ian Lee

Ian is our Director of Advanced Systems. With 10+ year of experience being just crazy enough, with more than enough smarts – innovation happens wherever he goes. Ian loves working on creating value from big data, and discovering business intelligence where many overlook. He studied Information Technology Management for his BS, and holds certifications in Enterprise Architecture. Ian loves data center goodies and designing architectures. Got a question? – Email him – he loves this stuff.

(719) 659-6213

Chris Franz


Chris Franz

Chris has been involved in the creation of numerous viable technology companies, primarily in defense and sustainability areas.  He specializes in the transition of advanced R&D technologies to production and profit.  Chris studied Engineering for both his BS And MS; his primary interests are in data centers, hardware solutions, sensors, efficient and sustainable energy use, energy storage, electric vehicles, and first responder technology.  Got a question? – Email or call him – he loves this stuff.

(719) 351-7020