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Intelligent Payload Solutions, Inc. (IPS) is a technology development and systems engineering company focusing on providing advanced security technology and solutions to governments and industrial clients. Through organic growth and strategic partner agreements IPS has established a broad range of capabilities with a unique depth of experience and past performance. Our expertise is focused into four areas: Certified System Design and Installation, Program Management, Technology Development, and Production Processes.

Building on the experience gained through work in defense systems development, commercial product introductions and military security experience, IPS drives value to its customers through the exploitation of data received from a wide variety of sensors and the real time distribution of the resulting information to those that need it. Combining the broad range of sensors technologies available today with state of the art communications and signal processing technology and modular software components IPS engineers can create reconfigurable systems to provide mission specific information that will meet a broad range of requirements from handheld night vision to UAVs, remote security systems, and data management and fusion systems. IPS is a small business headquartered in Colorado, with full research, development, and production capabilities.