How Dominant is your Data? With IPS backing your data it’s no longer lines of text in a empty void of incomprehensible mumbo jumbo mush – its actual data driven business intelligence, driving decisions and actionable re-sellable data. Data that creates Data that you can sell? Some call it a data money tree – we call it a day’s work.
Q. How do we do it?
   A. We have rocket science level engineers who have created fantastic Cyber and Cloud Engineered products and services – we have re done each approach from the ground up; making your data the honor student in the classroom, yes – do you hear that? That’s Harvard asking for your data to accept its offered admission for a degree in ‘being awesome’ – does that really happen, no – cause data can’t actually go to college, but with IPS you can rest assured that your data is better than their’s, why?
 Because we are experts in all of this:
–Private Cloud / System Virtualization
 • Transition existing architectures
 • Dynamic scaling to support rapidly changing environments
 • Massive processing and memory systems
–Data Collection & Warehousing
 • Existing customer data sources integrated
 • Initiate raw collections/scraping
 • Clean, organize, warehouse
–Data Connections & Decision Products
 • Connect structured & unstructured data
 • Produce customer-tailored Decision Intelligence

The complexities of many of the solutions we rely on today all require Cyber Engineering. We have found that no matter what your service is, no matter who your customers are – we all want to have apart of our products/assets/company exist online and that requires Cyber Engineering.

Protect your assets, streamline access and processing, understand your presence on the web and the interactions your customers and users have with your online ecosystems. Cyber Engineering is an integral part of what we do at IPS. We bet you’ve never heard one of our customers suffer from a cyber related issue; that’s because our customers never have suffered a cyber related issue – and with Cyber Engineering implemented by IPS, you can join the population of protected clients using our cyber technologies that leverage the cloud for cradle to grave engineered solutions.

We value resources and find that some of the most exciting technologies are energy and resource efficient.  We strive to provide every customer with solutions that are mindful of these resources.

Transitioning your firms processing to the cloud is an easy way to reduce the use of many resources; a few of the benefits from letting IPS transition you into the cloud are:

• Save Money – Who doesn’t like to do that?
• Reduce System Admin Work – Let those guys spend more time thinking strategically instead of tactically
• Use your Hardware Efficiently – Feel good about the money you do spend
• Install Software with Ease – Less upkeep to have everything in sync